Florida fun facts
    Third most populous state
    Florida became the third most populous state in the United States as its population exceeded 19.7 million by December 2014, surpassing the population of the state of New York. Among all the states in US, Florida has the highest percentage of people over 65 (17%)
    Florida fun facts

    Flattest state
    Florida is the flattest state in the USA as it is the state with the smallest difference between its highest and lowest points (345 ft) Florida's mean elevation is 100 ft. Only one state (Delaware) has lower mean elevation (60 ft)
    Florida fun facts
    Florida - Golfing paradise

    With over 1,300 courses, Florida has more golf courses than any other State in the US.
    Fun Florida facts
    How did Florida get its name?
    The Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León is the first known European to visit the region and he called it 'La Florida' (Spanish for "land of flowers"), when he visited it in 1513. It is thought that he chose this name because he was impressed by the many colorful flowers of the region and because he visited it during the Easter season, which is called 'Pascua Florida' in Spanish ('Pascua Florida' is a Spanish term that literally means 'flowery festival', but usually refers to the Easter season)
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    Florida facts